UNLSA is an advocate for all law students at the University of Newcastle.

A Law Students’ Liaison Committee, consisting of members of the Law School staff and UNLSA representatives, meets regularly to discuss general and specific issues relating to Newcastle law students. The Committee also shares information about developments in the School and University as well as future directions and improvements.

Newcastle law students are NSWYL and ALSA members – two organisations which advocate for law student interests on a state and national scale. UNLSA represents Newcastle law students and welcomes input from students to shape our voice on both these levels.

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In the Spotlight

Indigenous Student Representation

The UNLSA is committed to representing all members and assisting those who may need it. In 2012, some members indicated the necessity for an Indigenous Representative on the UNLSA Committee. The UNLSA Committee are taking steps to ensure all members are educated on the issues facing Indigenous Students:


  • 19/09/12: An open letter from Alex Wheeler regarding the unsuccessful motion to implement an Indigenous Student Representative  position can be downloaded here.

Honours Policy in Law

In late 2010, UNLSA made a comprehensive submission (including a petition) to the Centre for Teaching and Learning regarding the Honours Policy in Law:

Executive Summary

The University of Newcastle Law Students’ Association (UNLSA) wishes to make the following submissions:

  1. That the Faculty of Business and Law (FBL) along with Newcastle Law School (NLS), and student representatives from UNLSA should force the change of the current Honours Policy (policy). The replacement policy should be specific to either the FBL or NLS and should recognise the unique attributes of Honours in Law and adequately meet the needs of students, staff, the school, faculty and the University of Newcastle (UoN).
  2. The construction of the replacement policy should occur with extensive consultation from members of NLS and UNLSA with reference to other like institutions nationally…


  • Oct 2012: Proposition delayed in Academic Senate.
  • Aug 2011: External Review strongly supports Honours in Law. Faculty Board supports proposal. Up next, Academic Senate!
  • Mid 2011: NLS advises UNLSA that it is awaiting the outcome of an External Review before commenting further.
  • Early 2011: Members of NLS Staff working with members of the Academic Senate on new University-wide Honours Policy – yet to be advised of integration of Honours Policy in Law.
  • Late 2010: NLS supports the position of UNLSA.

Assessment Review Board

UNLSA supports the establishment of an Assessment Review Board. The general notion of having such a Board in existence allows for staff and student input into the review of course outlines to ensure compliance with policy and diversity of assessment.


  • Sept 2011: Project Management Committee (PMC) has been established! Drawing from UNLSA submissions for an Assessment Review Board, the PMC follows the same framework. The PMC will incorporate UNLSA representatives and meet at least twice a year.
  • Early 2011: UNLSA to work with Director of Curriculum to formulate potential framework.
  • 2010: The Assessment Review Board has been supported in principle by NLS.

Course Awards

UNLSA maintains that every course in the Law program should have a Course Award to recognise the top student/s.


  • Online recognition of Course Award recipients published for the first time. UNLSA continues to pursue comprehensive recognition in all courses.