Client Interviewing

The Client Interviewing Competition consists of teams of two and is open to students of all years. The Competition provides a great opportunity for students to develop their inquiry skills and general professional etiquette in a simulated interview environment. It is a good way for them to get a feel for interviewing and to meet other law students. The competition is challenging in that it requires students to draw upon their knowledge of different areas of law and their interpersonal skills in difficult situations.

Client Interviewing will be run in Semester 2!

Past winners

2014 Samantha Baldwin and Alex Winn
2013 Laura Bereicua and Kia Daley
2012 Laura Bereicua and Kia Daley
2011 Laura Bereicua and Kia Daley
2010 Will Buxton and Rhianne Smith
2009 Leo Murray and Sheridan Nelson