The Clayton Utz Negotiation Competition

Clayton Utz

Semester One

In today’s fast paced world over 90% of legal disputes are being settled outside of court using various forms of assisted dispute resolution such as negotiation. This statistic makes the perfection of the subtle art of negotiation an essential skill for all lawyers to possess in order to thrive in both the private and public sectors.

Negotiation at a university competition level helps students to acquire and develop a variety of skills such as listening, communicating, teamwork, research and self evaluation. Each negotiation runs for 30 minutes with additional time allowed for individual team reflection and evaluation and feedback with the judges. Each round should therefore last for approximately one hour.

The UNLSA provides all students with the opportunity to compete in the negotiation competition, allowing them to build the skills that will contribute to their competence as lawyers, all while challenging themselves in new and varying areas of the law.


The Clayton Utz Negotiation Competition 2014

If you’ve had years of practice arguing with parents and siblings and always managed to come out on top, now’s the time to put your skills to the test in the Clayton Utz Negotiation Competition 2014!

The Negotiation Competition simulates an alternative dispute resolution between teams as they attempt to negotiate a just and fair outcome for mock clients. Negotiation is a great opportunity for you to meet new people, enhance your law school education and gain practical skills that will benefit your future law career!

If you don’t want to compete but would still like an insight into how the competition works, we are also calling for volunteers to keep time. All volunteers will receive a certificate of participation. For further information, please contact the Directors of Competitions (Skills).


Slides from the 2013 Competitions Workshop on Negotiation can be accessed here.


Past winners


Junior: Rebecca Giles and Samantha Baldwin
Senior: Katrina Hogan and Daniel Bullock

2011 Laura Bereicua and Kia Daley
Dheny Raw and Barbara Townsend
2009 Joel Davis and Adam Ray

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