Paper Presentation

Semester One

If you’ve ever wanted to discuss your opinion on a topic without being interrupted, then the UNLSA Paper Presentation competition is for you! Paper presentation provides students with the unique opportunity to discuss a paper they have previously written on an area of law.

Paper Presentation allows individuals to demonstrate their in depth knowledge of an area of law which is of particular interest to them, by communicating their research and subsequent opinions to a panel of judges in an interesting and engaging manner.

Competitors are allowed to submit a paper that they have written specifically for the purpose of the competition or one that they have previously written. Paper presentation consists of two stages. Firstly, you must write a paper on any legal topic of your choosing. The second stage of the competition is an oral presentation about the written paper.

Written Paper Guidelines

The paper must be between 3000 and 5000 words, and can be written solely for the purpose of entering the competition or can be a paper previously written for academic purposes. Each competitor may only submit one paper. The subject of the paper is up to the competitor’s discretion as long as it covers the area of law. The paper should include footnotes, headings and a bibliography following the Australian Guide to Legal Citation 3 standard, all of which are not included in the word limit. Explanatory footnotes are permitted but these will be included in the word limit.

Oral Presentation Guidelines

Following the written paper submission, the top 3 competitors will be required to deliver a fifteen minute oral presentation. The written paper must be the substantive basis of the oral presentation. After your presentation, the judge(s) will have ten minutes to question you on your paper. Equipment, such as lecterns, whiteboards and PowerPoint projection devices, are available for competitors to use.

WHAT: Paper Presentation Competition

WHO: Open to all UNLSA members.

DUE DATE: Papers are due 2nd April 2015 (Week 6, Semester 1). Oral Presentations will be conducted on 12 May 2015 (Week 10, Semester 1)

REGISTRATION: Students can register here.

SUBMISSION: Papers are to be emailed to the Directors of Competitions (Skills) by the due date.

PRIZE: All competitors will receive a certificate and the chance to represent the UNLSA at the 2015 Australian Law Students’ Association Conference!

This competition is a fantastic opportunity for all law students to get involved and have your work professionally reviewed. We have opened up the competition early to give everyone a chance to write/edit their papers before we all get busy with semester. Make the most of your summer holidays and get writing now!

For further information, visit or contact the Directors of Competitions (Skills) at!


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