Social Justice Forum

Semester One

The Social Justice Forum runs in Semester 1. It provides a speaker forum on issues of social justice relevant to both the legal and wider community. Each Forum is distinguished by the diverse approach taken to addressing local, national and international issues. Previous topics have included global environmental issues, refugees and the law, aboriginal issues and the law, women in law, the health and wellbeing of legal professionals and students as well as issues preventing fair access to the law.

2015 Event

The ANU Legal Workshop is proud to present the UNLSA’s 2015 Social Justice Forum – The Spying Game: Mandatory Metadata Retention and Your Life Online.

In March this year, the Federal Government passed the highly controversial “Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Act”. The Act requires Internet Service Providers to store everyone’s personal metadata for at least 2 years. A number of Government agencies will see which websites you visit and who you contact online without the need for a warrant. The law is ostensibly a counterterrorism initiative, but the retention of personal metadata will have wide-reaching impacts on our online lives.

The forum will discuss the benefits and pitfalls of the policy and the impacts it may have on us in our everyday and professional lives.

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Question submissions will close at midnight on 4 May.

5 May at 6pm at the Godfrey Tanner Bar

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