Social Justice Forum

Semester One

The Social Justice Forum runs in Semester 1. It provides a speaker forum on issues of social justice relevant to both the legal and wider community. Each Forum is distinguished by the diverse approach taken to addressing local, national and international issues. Previous topics have included global environmental issues, refugees and the law, aboriginal issues and the law, women in law, the health and wellbeing of legal professionals and students as well as issues preventing fair access to the law.

2013 Social Justice Forum – Slavery and Human Trafficking

The 2013 UNLSA Social Justice Forum is exploring the Criminal Justice System within the realm of the horrendous human rights abuses of ‘Slavery and Human Trafficking’.

What people don’t know is that Slavery and Human Trafficking is the second largest organized crime in the world and every 30 seconds, a person falls victim to it. This clearly conveys that the law simply does not protect these vulnerable individuals and the community at large is simply not aware of its presence. However, some people are and subsequently, have joined forces to combat this issue.

This year’s Social Justice Forum is designed to educate and inform students about this human rights abuse, whilst gaining insight into the professionals who advocate, protect and save these individuals from such circumstances.

WHAT: ‘Slavery and Human Trafficking’ Social Justice Forum.


  • Navi Pandher & Angela Wiseman – Australian Federal Police
  • Jules Kim – Scarlett Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association
  • Gershon Nimbalker – Stop the Traffik
  • Mia Cottrell-Dormer – TriFreedom

WHEN: Week 5, Wednesday the 10th of April at 6pm.

WHERE: Life Sciences Theatre LSTH (120), Callaghan Campus.

STRUCTURE: Expert panel will have allocated time to open to the forum, with questions and audience participation at the end of all presentations. There will also be food and drinks provided on the night.

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