Have you ever dreamed of standing up in court screaming “I object!” or convincing a witness that he really “can’t handle the truth!”? Then here’s your chance! Wit-Ex is a courtroom style examination of a witness where competitors act as legal counsel advocating for the interests of their client. It occurs in a mock-court setting in front of one or more judges and is centred around the rules of evidence and legal practice. Don’t let that scare you though! No prior knowledge of evidence law is required; you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!

As a participant, you will be allocated time to prepare your witness for their courtroom experience, plan an opening address, examination-in-chief, cross-examination of the opposing team’s witness, and a summation of your case. As a bonus, Wit-Ex requires NO preparation outside the competition! To learn more about what is involved in a UNLSA Wit-Ex competition, please see our 2017 UNLSA Competitions Guide.

WHAT: Witness Examination (‘Wit-Ex’) Competition

STRUCTURE: Two Preliminary Rounds, Quarter Final, Semi Final and Grand Final.

WHERE: Level 2 of University House, 300 King St, Newcastle.

WHEN: The first Preliminary Round will commence on Tuesday, 21 March 2017 (Week 4). The competition will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday nights throughout the semester.

WHO: Open to all UNLSA members who are undertaking their THIRD year of law school and above, and ALL JD Students. Please note you must have a current membership to participate in these competitions.

REGISTRATION: Registration Closes: Wednesday, 15th March (Week 3). REGISTER HERE TODAY!

PRIZE: Aside from developing practical legal skills, networking potential and knowledge gained from participating, all competitors will receive a certificate and the chance to represent the UNLSA at the 2017 Australian Law Students’ Association Conference held in Canberra.

Wit-Ex is designed to help you learn the basics of courtroom advocacy and develop your own, unique advocacy style. Advocacy experience is also an excellent addition to your resume. You never know, you might even land yourself that dream clerkship offer or work experience position!

For further information concerning UNLSA Advocacy Competitions, please contact Alice Wilk & Hayden Rudd, Directors of Competitions (Advocacy), at advocacy@unlsa.com.

Past Winners

2016 Jade Bowdler

2015 Joseph Bates
2014 Susan Ellicott
2013 Monica Wilson
2012 Lana Black
2011 Barbara Townsend
2010 Wil Buxton